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Empowering healthier, happier people everywhere.

Product Highlights
  1. Quick-to-launch, customisable and flexible solution to meet your company needs
  2. Personalised digital wellbeing coach that sends wellbeing advice direct to your phone.
  3. Comprehensive analytics platform for workforce insights that support the growth and productivity of your business
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Digital health and wellbeing solution leveraging health and data science to support a user through their own personalized health journey.


Our suite of digital health solutions offers telemedicine, telepsychology, facial recognition profiling, digital blood pathology, 3D body measurement, cognitive performance assessments, wearable-integrated physical, mental and financial wellbeing programs, virtual coaching and rewards.

We offer the most comprehensive data analytics for real-time engagement and post-program ROI in market capable of incorporating insurance claims, HR data as well as wellness intelligence. Our 24/7 control centre gives HR professionals a global messaging centre, event scheduler with booking capabilities, micro-surveying tools and workforce reports for sharper budgeting decisions.

Our workforce analytics dashboard gives business leaders the ability to cross-correlate data sets from inside the workforce, around the organisation and outside the business for more accurate human capital analysis.

Programs are highly customizable and provide an experience packed with gamification, team challenges, social connectivity and rewards all to maximize healthy sustained behavioural change – there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

wellteq’s platform is available as a turnkey solution, white label or micro-service, meaning whatever the structure, state or situation of your business, we can deliver wellness to your employees.

With customization comes flexibility, which is paramount for businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world, particularly in today's environment. wellteq offers COVID-19 capabilities in the form of bleeding edge contact-free technology, unique education and coaching programs and risk identification analytics for a safer, happier, healthier workforce, everywhere.


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#05-95, 18 Boon Lay Way,
Singapore - 609966


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