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Vita Verify

Don't hire resume, hire people

Product Highlights
  1. Proven conduct fewer interviews than ever before, by red flagging bad fit candidates early on.
  2. Enhance gut-feel elements with data-driven Candidate Reports as interview tools.
  3. Reduce time taken to get new hires to Performance and Delegation by identifying improvement areas.
Key Info

Eligible for Singapore Govt. Grants


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Vita Verify is a platform assessing human potential through an integration of test, reference check and 360.


Vita incorporates the processes of a reference check, 360 reviews, and a value assessment to enable job applicant to display themselves beyond their paper qualifications, to show their hidden talent and side that makes them brilliant to a team.

We provide this through an automated platform, with access to users on one side, and employers on the other. Every step of the initial screening stage is automated with features including and not limited to: 

User side:

  • Auto-population of resume details from LinkedIn profiles
  • Overview of strengths and weaknesses identified
  • View status of job applications
  • Sharing of reference assessments with future employers by the users
  •  Automated follow up with referees through email
  • Live updating of resume, with auto-update feature with all current employers

Employer side:

  • Application Tracking System to aggregate the collection of applicants from multiple job boards
  • Employer branding, dedicated landing page for each job post 
  • Custom reference assessment questions on top of core competencies
  • View live update of references, and request for follow up
  • Qualifying of candidates and tracking through the application process
  • Recommendations based on hard and soft skill requirements
  • Keyword matching
  • Resume claims verified by the industry network
  • Individual reports for each candidate
  • Interview support tools 


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