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Secure Tech Talent with Confidence

Product Highlights
  1. AI Prediction for Offer Acceptance/ Optimal Offer Proposed by AI Robot to balance between competitiveness & cost.
  2. Actionable Insights on the Value Propositions or Areas that help significantly improve offer acceptance rate over time.
  3. Market “Offer” (last few market transactions) to help companies make decision based on latest market dynamics.
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PRODUCT SUMMARY designs AI/Machine Learning products for the HR community to transform the traditional ways of doing things.


The flagship product of is Asia's first AI-powered offer management platform, on a mission to help companies convert Tech Candidates into employees with confidence.
In the entire recruiting process, the offer stage is one of the most critical stages but often be neglected by most companies and vendors including most of the big HRIS/ATS players.

There are some major problems/operational challenges typically faced in the offer stage such as:
• How many % more confident are we to secure this Tech Candidate?
• What are the areas that we can focus on or improve to significantly improve the offer acceptance rate over time?
• If we overpay or underpay this Tech Candidate with good command of specific programming language?

Our proprietary AI-powered offer management platform offers the key features below to solve the abovementioned problems:
• AI Robot Prediction for Probability of Offer Acceptance/ Optimal Offer Proposed by AI Robot.
• Actionable Insights on the Unique Value Proposition or Area for Improvement which can help significantly improve offer acceptance rate over time.
• Market “Offer”/ Last Few Offer Transactions in the market to help companies make offer decision based on the latest labour market demand dynamics.

Last but not least, we are thrilled to share that we have successfully raised pre-seed funding from Europe investors to fuel our ambitious growth plans.


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