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Product Highlights
  1. Highly intuitive interface: Become proficient within 15 minutes and manage your recruitment from end to end
  2. Innovative features: such as AI-based candidate recommendations and social media enrichment of your candidate profiles
  3. Centralize your recruitment channels: Build your branded career page, and share your openings to job boards in one-click
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Manatal, the new generation of recruitment software. Transform the way you recruit and drive your recruitment metrics to new highs!


Manatal is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) designed to help you hire better candidates faster while spending less.
Its new and unique features represent a breakthrough in the ATS market.

Manatal covers the basic functionalities of every traditional recruitment software.
You can add candidates in a variety of different ways (from LinkedIn, by parsing a CV, by filling out a form), you can easily manage them in the pipeline and find all the reports you need on your team’s performance.
There are also functionalities to help you collaborate with your team such as the team planner, easily adding a team member to a job, the notifications system, and much more. Manatal also provides great database functionalities: all information about the candidate is recorded (contact information, resume information, past relationships you have with them).

It is very easy to use: Within 15 minutes a team can become proficient in using the software.
If there are any questions, a direct chat system can be used directly from Manatal. But Manatal goes way beyond that.
It offers some unique features. First, as soon as you have created your candidate,
Manatal’s enrichment feature gives you all the information about them available on the web.
No more time wandering the internet trying to find social media accounts. Moreover, Manatal helps you objectively compare your candidates to one another.
Its recommendations feature tells you fits the job best by assigning every candidate a score based on their skills and their experience.
There will be no more wasted time simply because you do not know which candidate should move forward– Manatal is here to help you make an informed decision.


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