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Workforce Transformation Made Easy

Product Highlights
  1. Real-time Human Capital Intelligence to analyse your workforce DNA. Get a bird’s eye view of your gaps and capabilities.
  2. Data-driven Strategic Workforce Planning to chart your workforce strategy. Use AI and insights to evolve your workforce.
  3. Predictive Talent Management to future-proof your workforce. Marry data with intelligence to optimise staff skills fit.
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JobKred uses AI to unlock Human Capital potential and empower individuals with future-ready skills to build the best career possible.


JobKred is a data-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) company that builds software to empower organisations to develop Agile and Future-Ready Workforces. We have worked with enterprises and nations to maximise the potential of their Human Capital through next-gen Competency Management.

Our product, JobKred Enterprise (JKE), uses AI technology to allow companies to utilise labour market data to transform their workforce at a much faster pace as compared to traditional methods. We have helped companies reduce the time and cost of workforce transformation by up to 80%.

By combining millions of labour market data points and a digitised competency framework, JKE offers a real-time bird’s eye view of any organisation’s skills bank. Organisations can now quickly and easily identify skills gaps and take strategic actions to grow, optimise and future-proof their skills inventory.

JKE provides clients with 4 powerful tools:

  1. Real-time Human Capital Intelligence - Organisations can view capabilities at a glance, identify organisational skill gaps, and assess requirements.
  2. Data-driven Strategic Workforce Planning - JKE’s AI and data insights help organisations discover, analyse and implement workforce development strategy.
  3. Personalised Learning and Development - Through JKE, supervisors can easily work with employees to accurately identify and close individual skills gaps to meet organisational needs.
  4. Predictive Talent Management - JKE marries data with intelligence to help optimise staff skills fit, create an internal talent marketplace, and empower managers to have better career conversations with their reports.


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