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Discover and hire international remote professionals

Product Highlights
  1. Simple click through onboarding to exit journey for international employees
  2. Single payment for multiple invoices across geographies, manage invoices across continents from a single platform
  3. Simple click through onboarding and exit journey, single payment for multiple invoices in different currency
Key Info

Eligible for Singapore Govt. Grants


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Discover international remote talent and manage employment compliance in cross border geographies


Gloroots enables companies to build international remote teams compliantly with a simple clickthrough process within a day!

The SAAS product allows companies to hire full-time employees, process payroll and manage end-to-end termination through a single dashboard.

Hiring : The platform allows firms to onboard new employees via collection of basic employee details and subsequent generation of compliant employment agreements.

Payroll : It allows single click payment of multiple invoices across multiple currencies for companies. It also allows companies to manage variable inputs like reimbursements, advances and leaves on an employee level.

Exit : The platform enables companies to compliantly initiate exit flow for employees, manage the paperwork and pending bills.

Employee Portal : Employees hired through Gloroots can access their payslips, agreements, variable inputs through the employee portal.

Benefits and Wellness : Employees can access a wide variety of benefits and perks linked to being a Gloroot employee. Range of benefits include access to coworking spaces, mental and physical fitness classes, telemedicine and much more.

Compliance : Gloroots ensures that contracts, taxes and benefits are compliant to the local employment law and regulations of the country and works with tax and legal experts in each jurisdiction to provide real time advice if needed.

Consulting : Gloroots helps companies evaluate which countries would be best suited for their hiring needs along with structuring salary and other employee benefits.

Employee benefits : Gloroots provides clients with options and access to extend additional benefits to employees, such as bank account opening, gift cards, welcome gifts, laptops etc. This helps companies have all employee engagement initiatives in a single portal and continue to evolve based on employee response.


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