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  1. OKR Software, Coaching and Certifications all in one place
  2. OKR Writing assistant , OKR Alignment boards for sharp insights
  3. OKR Printable reports for Leadership reviews
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Fitbots is a Full Stack OKR Company with coaching, software & certification helping you drive business velocity


At Fitbots, we are nurturing the OKR Ecosystem by being a total OKR partner for clients with our OKR coaching, software and certifications for scale.

How to get started:

The OKR experience starts with booking an OKR Coach from our network, who would help Onboard you to Learn and Write OKRs so that your roll out is effective. Should your teams be comfortable with OKRs, use our OKR Writing assistant and templates to write high quality OKRs.


Fitbots is where you are! We are integrated with Slack for notifications. Our simple and intuitive OKR software is integrated to more than 2000 work apps via Zapier and Power automate. Be it HubSpot, Jira , Spreadsheets or more, you can make OKR data collection easy in just a click.

Managing OKRs: During check in meetings, it is important for teams to come together and collaborate. Being remote, teams could make real time updates on Fitbots OKR Software, communicate through comments and write their OKRs achievement story. This is a magical moment for teams, as they collect their OKR Story, which helps them reflect during the retro & re boot meeting.

OKR Alignment:

Alignment of Team OKRs to Company OKRs comes to life using the alignment boards. Each team member can see the connection to a Company KR, and the progress of the team is real time visible on the impact to the organization. OKRs can be aligned from the Company to Department to Sub Departments and to teams, making the structure of alignment simple and visible.

Scaling OKRs and Sustaining:

To build scale to your OKRs, we certify internal champions through an intensive certification program, which gives access to our OKR Academy to sustain as a culture.


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#05-95, 18 Boon Lay Way,
Singapore - 609966


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