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Unlock the potential of your future workforce.

Product Highlights
  1. Catalyst: 1) Multiple talent management uses. 2) Comprehensive talent analytics. 3) Career coaching industry standard.
  2. Coach: 1) Mobile-first with rich functionality. 2) Easy to use and flexible to configure. 3) Dozens of integrations.
  3. Advisory services: 1) In-house domain expertise. 2) Based in SG and MYS. 3) Bridges public vs private sectors.
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Epitome is a talent technology company with multiple products serving individuals, educational institutions, enterprises and governments


Epitome operates in 3 broad talent development categories in Singapore today:

1) Assessments:

Our flagship Catalyst product is a holistic assessment covering the values, interests, preferences and skills of individuals. It delivers deep analytics and insights used for career discovery, skill match, job match and job placement. It can be further used for talent acquisition, employee engagement, lifelong learning, leadership development, team building, mental wellness and talent analytics. The Catalyst product had been used by over 338,000 individuals by end 2020, with most of these users being in ASEAN, so there is a large base of local data (rather than US, European, Australian or Indian data) supporting the benchmarks.

Catalyst is seen as a market standard for assessment of (i) working adults by the government of Singapore and (ii) university students by the government of Malaysia. In addition to Catalyst, Epitome has an in-house team that develops bespoke validated assessments for the unique needs of large customers. Assessments already developed, implemented and validated are in areas including Employability factors, Functional skills, Industry 4.0 readiness, Leadership assessment, English skills, Math skills and IT skills. Customers of such surveys include a range of governments, educational institutions and large multinational companies across sectors.

2) Learning:

The flagship Coach product of Epitome is a mobile-first learning platform with unmatched scale and success in Singapore. There are nearly 1 million people locally today with some form of access to learning systems where Coach is the underlying product, over 60 major content providers from all over the world are connected to it and user completion rates for learning consumed via the system are at industry-leading levels. Analytics generated by the Coach system can be used to measure everything from an individual reskilling / upskilling journey to national learning KPIs at a government level. The micro-learning functionality and flexible configurations built into Coach also offer the ability to drive non-traditional "total workforce" learning use cases like engaging freelancers, gig workers, channel agents, alliance partners and even broad communities. Coach is a popular choice with HR and Business teams trying to drive digital learning in the future of work, which neither traditional LMS products nor micro-learning startups can fully address. Customers in Singapore include a government entity, large local organisations, large multinational companies and a union. A new enterprise-specific version of Coach is being released shortly for customers looking for a more flexible and affordable alternative to the range of enterprise learning products currently on the market.

3) Advisory Services:

Every Epitome product is backed by a team with deep expertise in the relevant area. For the talent development space, the in-house team is arguably one of the strongest in the HRTech industry in Singapore and includes: -

  • technical (global LMS company veterans, software developers, learntech startup founders)
  • domain (edtech solution designers, curriculum designers, education sector veterans) - research (psychologists, academic researchers in various talent management areas)
  • business (former HR consulting CEO, former global CHRO, system integration veteran)

We are also constantly engaging with academia, the corporate world, government and other HRtech companies to learn and improve ourselves in the service of our users. Our customers are therefore always assured that when they come to Epitome they are not just buying a product but are also getting the right advice and support to help them solve their challenges. Customers of Epitome's advisory services include government entities dealing with skill / development / jobs issues and large organisations. There are other Epitome products active in markets outside Singapore. These products will be progressively introduced into the Singapore market in 2021 and 2022.


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