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Product Highlights
  1. Enables Easy & Rapid Content Creation 2. Facilitates Adaptive & Blended Learning 3. Enables Actionable Insights
  2. Enabley improves the customers experience by facilitating Product knowledge training for end customers and Sales Teams
  3. Enabley facilitates knowledge retention and supports managers turn tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge
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Enabley utilizes AI, NLP, microlearning methods and advanced measurement algorithms to make training creation and delivery fast & easy.


Enabley is a SaaS training platform that is specially designed to meet the needs of customer-facing teams (internal and external) and positively impact the bottom line of any business, by leveraging innovative training technologies. Enabley utilizes advanced technologies such as AI, Natural Language Processing technology, microlearning methods and advanced measurement algorithms to make training creation and delivery fast, easy and intuitive for everyone. Our comprehensive Training-Learning-Knowledge solution, allows everyone to easily create content, distribute it, and get its insights, all at the same platform. We believe in active blended learning to give your users a uniquely engaging experience.

Key Functionalities of enabley:

  1. Easy & Rapid Content Builder Easily create, update and distribute engaging interactive content to your workforce, in minutes with interactive video, embedded VR, gamification and more. A variety of Learning content can be imported – ppt/pptx, pdf, xls/xlsx, doc/docs,mp4, png, jpg, zip (SCORM/html) or a link from on online video (YouTube/Vimeo). Content can be further enriched – 7 Question Types (multiple choice, picture choice, True/False, Text Response, Poll, Fill in the Blanks, Matching) and 5 Media Types (free text, image, audio, video, embedded website)
  2. Ability to Create Knowledge Streams or Courses. Knowledge Streams allow push up-to-date content and micro-learning items related to the subject of their Stream to stream members and monitor their progress from the time they subscribe. Courses have a structured content, with planned start, end date. Learning pathways can be determined to ensure that Learners complete the courses before they move on to the next stage of their learning pathway.
  3. Mobile-Ready for Distance or On-The-Go Learning Accessible from any mobile device with full offline functionality - learners can join your courses from anywhere, anytime and on any device... and enjoy self-paced and independent learning.
  4. Micro-Learning Deliver fun and impactful learning in bite-sized chunks, to ensure high engagement, easy comprehension and a great learning experience
  5. Adaptive & Blended Learning Seamlessly combine online training with in-class interactive learning and deliver personalized learning experience with each person learning only what is needed at their own pace
  6. Social Collaboration This reinforces motivation and retention of learning. Learners may post discussion topics and engage other learners or the Instructor if they have feedback or questions on the content.
  7. Assess and Supervise in Real-Time The system includes interactive assessment tools to determine your class progress and comprehension levels with easy-to-use reports.
  8. Actionable Insights Instructors receive alerts whenever an employee is facing difficulties in learning and intervene in real time. Instructors can identify difficult modules and suggest supplementary materials to aid learners or make changes to the content instantaneously. Managers can also monitor the progress and performance of your employees in their learning journey (intuitive enough for Line Managers to undertake this responsibility)


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