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Bias-free hiring tools and analytics to take the guesswork out of D&I for businesses globally.

Product Highlights
  1. Diversity data & analytics: D&I dashboard and in depth Diversity Insights reporting across five key categories.
  2. Diversely Bias Analyser: Write more inclusive job ads and eliminate bias across five diversity measures.
  3. Diversely's Job Poster: Post to multiple job boards across niche and global categories with one click.
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Diversely is creating innovative, bias-free tools and D&I analytics to take the guesswork out of hiring for businesses globally.


Diversity & Inclusion has grown and developed into a business-critical need for many corporations, with leaders understanding the importance of a diverse workforce.

However, there are naturally scepticisms that come with D&I initiatives. 

These hesitations are born out of a lack of actionable, measurable directives for D&I and an inability to track, measure, report on and integrate D&I into day to day business practice. 
In fact, our research shows that 95% of companies don’t have any measures, targets or strategies in place to identify or attract under-represented groups to their workforce. That has been the inspiration for Diversely.

Diversely’s AI-driven hiring solutions to eliminate unconscious bias.
They are available on a fully automated subscription basis that is accessible for companies big and small, globally.
Our specially created bias-free hiring tools and analytics help businesses assess, track and improve their diversity, and then find better candidates more quickly, easily and without recruitment fees.

Software Review:
Diversely provides AI-driven bias-free hiring tools to help businesses broaden their reach to the best talent and increase their workplace diversity.  Available via subscription globally, the solution is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to track, measure, and improve hiring processes and talent attraction.

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You can trial Diversely’s tools for just US$29, using either particular tools like their Bias Analyser for job ads or the end-to-end process.

You will want to know that your valuable and sensitive employee data is in good hands. Security is a key aspect of HR software. This is no exception for You might want to take a look at the privacy policy to get a better perspective on their internal security processes.

If you are ready to choose as your HR solution or need additional information, you can reach their sales by phone or email. Reach out to the sales. offers a free demo where a sales representative shows you around in their software:


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