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Cadena HRM Series

Regional HRM solutions, locally delivered

Product Highlights
  1. Multi company and multi country payroll
  2. Strategic human resource management - Attract, develop, reward, and retain employees
  3. Employee engagement - Engage employees though a wide range of employee self services functionality.
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Cadena HRM Series 5 offers a complete HR solution to manage the entire employee lifecycle from start to finish for all countries in SEA


Cadena HRM Series 5 offers a complete HR solution to manage the entire employee lifecycle from start to finish for all countries in Southeast Asia under one system.

Staffing Management

  • Multiple employee classifications for reporting purposes
  • Employee profile management with detailed personal information
  • Employee transaction management to manage contractual changes (e.g. promotion, demotion, salary change, position change, and cost center change)
  • Resignation management
  • Organization chart of direct reporting lines
  • Headcount planning
Time Attendance & Leave Management
  • Configure different time-sheet and leave policies per employee group
  • Roster time-sheet for complex or flexible shift management (combines shift assignment, holidays, off days, and leave registration)
  • Overtime and approval management
  • Time attendance terminal integration with attendance records directly and in real-time retrieved from fingerprint or proximity card reader
  • Filter and validate invalid time attendance data (employees that show up late, leave early, work on a leave day, forgot to check-in/out, or were not following the correct shift)
  • Allowances and deductions configuration and management
  • Different salary calculation policies per employee group through configurable payroll formulas (e.g. different for full-timers, part-timers, casual labourers, or by business unit)
  • Gross to net and net to gross salary calculation
  • Payslip can be generated for a single employee or in bulk
  • Payroll period definition per employee group (e.g. weekly, biweekly, monthly)
  • Retro-active salary capability to be able to formally correct past errors or for backdated changes to the values of allowances/salaries
  • Salary comparison between multiple payroll periods with detailed differences
  • Bonus calculation for thirteen month’s salary calculation or other ad hoc payments
  • Configurable competency library (e.g. skills, knowledge, and behavior)
  • Competency specification per job
  • Monitor improvement of competencies by an employee
  • Identify a successor or replacement by comparing employees on competency acquired score
  • Identify competency gaps (linked to training and performance appraisal modules)
  • Job requisition requests and approval management
  • Create job templates to be used for job postings
  • Manage job postings and posting sources
  • Online candidate portal
  • Candidate database management
  • Interview process management and review interview statuses
  • Email notifications to candidates for status changes (offered, interview appointment, rejected)
  • Generate (and send) the offer letter by email to candidates
  • Approved candidates are transferred to staffing management module
Performance Appraisal
  • Appraisal form generation for different employee groups and with different intervals (e.g. ad hoc, annual or bi-annual)
  • KPI and objective setting and library management
  • Employee competency-based performance appraisal
  • Flexible appraisal workflow configuration (e.g. employee-initiated feedback, manager-initiated performance feedback, or 360-degree feedback)
  • Review scheduler and reminders by email
  • Performance reviews can be tied to compensation
  • Training needs management
  • Compulsory courses management
  • Training course planning and management
  • Training attendance tracking and result management
Employee Self Services
  • Profile management
  • Overtime requests and claims
  • Leave requests, history, and balance
  • Expense claims
  • Payslips
  • Training
  • Performance Appraisal

Cadena's Series 5 highlights:

  1. Multi-company and multi-country payroll - Apply one system for all the countries you operate in. Cadena’s Series 5 includes a unique country layer to store necessary localizations for Southeast Asia.
  2. Strategic human resource management - Attract, develop, reward, and retain employees for the benefit of both the employees as the organization as a whole by utilizing our strategic HR modules; competency, performance appraisal, recruitment, and training.
  3. Employee engagement - Engage employees through a wide range of
  4. employee self-services functionality.


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