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Biotemp by TimeCentral

Product Highlights
  1. Contactless temperature screening & Face Recognition with Biometric Attendance within 2 seconds.
  2. Provides Safe Entry for registered users without scanning QR code.
  3. Mobile app provided for contactless device control and registration.
Key Info

Eligible for Singapore Govt. Grants


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Biotemp - It is a CONTACTLESS TraceTogether Scanning + Temperature Screening + Facial Recognition Attendance


Biotemp - It is a CONTACTLESS Trace Together Scanning + Temperature Screening + Facial Recognition Attendance. Biotemp TT has 9 different scanning modes.

Following are the product features:

Built-in QRCODE Reader

  • Built in QRCODE reader enables scanning of TraceTogether App or token, as well as other bar-code data.

Real-time Body Temperature

  • Non-contact temperature screening for Employees, workers, students as well as visitors throughout the day.

Facial Recognition

  • Authorized employee/visitor photos can be uploaded to BIOTEMP directly, Via mobile app or Cloud application. Using facial recognition technology only authorized user can be allowed.

Mask Recognition

  • BIOTEMP has the ability to recognize whether the individual is wearing a mask or not. These settings can be adjusted depending on your needs.

Built-in HI-RES Camera Lenses

  • High-quality HD 2-million pixels built-in cameras to ensure face recognition accuracy as well as advanced infrared thermal imaging for contactless temperature screening accuracy.

Data Storage Local or cloud

  • BIOTEMP stores 100,000 visitor photos along with their temperature reading and the time & date they were taken. Alternatively, it can store up to 1 million screening data without

3-in-1 LED Light Indicator

  • GREEN: Normal temperatures, RED: High temperatures/fever, and WHITE: Indicates the need of facial light assistance in low-light areas.

Built-in Speaker

  • The result of screening is read out loud by the speaker, allowing for greater clarity and reducing the need for manual guidance.


Ikigai Enablers Pte. Ltd.
#05-95, 18 Boon Lay Way,
Singapore - 609966


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